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A guy to a group of friends:
- I went to the NH art club. Have you been there?
The girls nodded. He continued:
- Quite cool place. Apparently on Saturday they have a brazilian night, I read it on Time out and decided to go on my own. Well, they didn’t have a brazilian night but a DJ, a 70 year old guy presented as THE LEGEND! He played Reggae, Jamaican style with modern beats. Very cool guy, he had all the girls taking pictures with him. Everyone seemed to know him apart from me.
He smiled:
- But the funniest thing was that a girl approached me saying that I looked like a producer in between jobs since I didn’t seem to be very relaxed! How cool is that? I never thought I could look like a producer!
The girls smiled:
- Don’t take me wrong Tom, but you don’t really look like a music producer. You look more like a scientist! You didn’t get it, did you? Did you say anything?
Tom opened his eyes: - No, not really. But get what? I was thinking of the comment about being a producer… I never thought of that! She said she was a writer and she liked to guess what people did in their lives.
The girl continued: - Tom, you are a fool… That was a chat up line?!!!! You obviously don’t look like a producer at all and the girl wanted to make conversation with you. And you didn’t get it?!!! No wonder girls have a problem in this city!!!
At this point, Tom went blank and speechless…

Olhei de soslaio e não pude deixar de sorrir... A rapariga tinha razão...


Two girls in a restaurant:
- My friend has a theory: he and his mate have been going to the same Pub for the last weeks to meet people. They sit on the same table which has 6 seats. If a guy approaches them the table is full, if a girl comes and asks to sit they say it is free. They end up chatting with the girls. Impressive, hein?
The other girl nodded: - Sounds like a good plan! Always finding new strategies to fight London’s curse. So they actually meet people, or are they one of thoses that end up putting their ad in metro paper?
Brunette girl: - What you mean, the ads?
Ginger girl: - You know, the ones that people say: - I saw you on the tube going to euston, you smiled. You had a red dress and blue navy shoes. I was too shy to ask you for your number. Please get in touch… or I saw you in this Pub, you were with some friends and laughing all the time. Can’t take you out of my head. Fancy a drink?
Brunette girl: - Oh, those ads?!!! I never read them, always this ANON guy, ANON, ANON. What a pervert, how many girls!!!
The ginger girl looked puzzled: - Anon guy?!! ANON stands for anonymous!!!



Sapatos agulha num dia como este e ser liderada por um homem...
Levantamos o queixo, andamos às voltas, esticamos os nossos limites e percebemos que perdemos o voto na matéria… mas deixamo-nos ir… na pista de dança…



A propósito duma dedicatória e duma viagem à terra do Tango…




Your result is: Trendy Architect

You belong to the kind of trendy architect. (Bem há quem me considere uma guru de moda, Mo, you created a monster!!!)

P.R. for you is architecture. (As minhas siglas são realmente P.R. mas daí a ser considerada arquitectura, darling, I'm much more than that!!!)

You imagine yourself giving interviews, having an office like Jude Law's in Breaking and Entering and designing for Chanel. (Não tenho bem a certeza, sou tímida, low profile e o atelier só se fôr com o Jude Law lá dentro... Quanto à Chanel, bem isso já é outra história...)

You sould better follow my advise: Find a husband or wife as soon as possible before see in the mirror your first wrinkles, because you have no future. Zaha Hadid is already designing for Chanel. :( (É oficial, sem futuro e sem marido... but ...who said I wanted to be Zaha Hadid? Oh, dear, you are so out!!!)